Steel Door Guard {Amazing First}

The Door Lock Guard The vast majority of the time when force is applied to a door, such as being kicked, shoulder-slammed or pried, its the door jamb that breaks. Other times the door will actually split apart. Also interesting: the Door Security Pro Door Security Guard is always on duty. It’s a patented steel door jamb reinforcement device that mounts over wooden door frames turning your doors into home security doors.

If you are planning to re-stucco or replace your siding at some point in the near future, then using new construction door may be the best choice. This involves cutting back the stucco or siding four to eight inches from the edge of your door, removing the flashing paper and then removing the old door.

The disadvantage is that if you are not planning to re-stucco your house, you will eventually be able to tell that the stucco was patched. The old stucco and the new stucco will not expand and contract at the same rate and over time cracks will appear between the old and new stucco.


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If you are not planning to re-stucco your house any time soon or if you are concerned about your budget, a retro-fit window is probably your best choice. Installing retro-fit windows does not require any stucco damage because the perimeter frame of the old window will not be removed.

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The new retro-fit window is designed to fit inside your old window. Your contractor will use a different installation method, and a different type of retro-fit window, depending on whether your old windows are metal or wood.

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Typically, metal door are replaced using a retro-fit door that has an exterior flange that will conceal your old door frame from the outside. The contractor will remove the glass and any bars that divide the door to create one large opening.

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