15 Unusual Rubber Flooring [Take That]

Rubber Flooring – While researching alternative flooring options for a room in your home, let’s came across an intriguing possibility–rubber flooring. Yes, rubber flooring! No, it’s not just for home gyms and industrial spaces. In fact, the water-resistant properties and durability of rubber flooring make it ideal for spaces such as bathrooms and kids’ room

1. Bathroom with Rubber Flooring

Image Source: decoist.com

Let’s take a look at some rubber flooring in vivid colors. Two of my favorites are radiant yellow and kelly green. I’m also quite taken with the blue flooring in this white bathroom, especially since accents of red are involved. 

2. Rubber Combination in Living Room

Image Source: decoist.com

There seems to be a theme developing here, as once again we see grey rubber flooring in a contemporary kitchen. And dining room. And living room. A great choice for spaces that call attention to the materials that fill them, such as wood and stone. Add rubber, and you have another dimension!

3. Grey Rubber Flooring

Image Source: decoist.com

The rubber flooring in this modern kitchen is also textured, this time with a slightly rippled pattern that adds interest to the room. Love that shine!

4. Fantasy Kitchen

Image Source: decoist.com

One style of rubber flooring drawn to is the textured variety, especially when round coin-like forms are involved. Isn’t the grey flooring below a perfect choice for a kitchen with light aqua walls and white cabinetry?

4. Kitchen with Rubber Flooring

Image Source: decoist.com

The kitchen is a natural choice for a rubber flooring location, as rubber is impervious to water. Not to mention, it has an industrial look, as do many kitchens! Below we see sleek white flooring in a light-filled culinary space.

5. Kids Corner


Rubber has excellent sound insulation qualities, which makes it a great choice for an apartment, or just anywhere that you want to be kind of quiet.

6. Nice Underfoot


Because it naturally has a little bit of give, rubber is a perfect flooring choice for a space where you’ll be standing for long periods of time, like a kitchen.

7.  Cozy Rubber


Chances are good that you’ve seen rubber flooring in a school, or a commercial building, or at your gym, but we’re here to make the case for why you should consider it as a choice for your home, too.

8. Cozy Garage


it’s hard to beat a garage and shed space with red accents, especially when the red tones appear on both pendant light and flooring. This space makes me want to tackle a DIY project!

9. Black Caramel


This unusual rubber flooring can make your room like condotel. Don’t worry to try this cozy idea and make your condotel at home.

10. Modern Small Kitchen with Rubber


Modern without forgotten environment is special concept from this kitchen. Rubber can become amazing thing beside main component in the kitchen.

11. Fake Wood Flooring

rubber flooring


The image is a part of Hardwood and laminate flooring from bruce. Sensational design fake hardwood floor cool design home design.

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