10 Private Room Hospital {Feels Like Home}

If you’ve ever spent time in the hospital, you know it can be a grim and dreary place—not exactly what you’d call a healing atmosphere. But that may soon change.

Every Private Make It Strong

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Not having a roommate slashes the risk of airborne infection: A seven-year study showed that nursing home residents in private rooms were three times less likely to catch the flu. Single occupancy means better rest, too.

Blue and Tech Combination

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The patient room, that often overcrowded yet under-performing space, is experiencing a long overdue reinvention. The next generation of patient rooms, being built and renovated now, will incorporate technology for the patient and family as communication and learning tools

Friendly Tools

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Once a theory, the field has reached a tipping point and crossed over into mainstream design practices. his room can maximize mood to healthy faster.

Caramel Fusion

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More than ever, patient rooms are more than just a place for a bed and medical equipment. This idea like call to  action for you.

Luxury Private Room

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When you incorporate literature-based design principles and truly create a space that’s people-centric, everyone benefits. And everyone must get their rights.

View Beautiful Scenery

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Transmission is directly linked to clinicians’ failure to consistently wash their hands and contact with exposed surfaces. Hope patients can motivate theirself.

Boho Room

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This designing to prevent patient falls is a high priority as well, ensuring unimpeded access to the bathroom and recliners that afford easy, independent egress.

Like Home, Like Office

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Nearly half of patients who fall experience injuries ranging from bruises to bone fractures. Human-centered design can help encourage patient mobility and clear potential obstacles for safe ambulation.

Minimalis Room

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This injuries can be traced to the repetitive heavy manual lifting associated with moving patients and working in awkward postures.

Greyscale of Private Room

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Room design that integrates mechanical lifts or helps clinicians access patients without assuming uncomfortable and potentially dangerous postures has been shown to help reduce the frequency of clinician back injuries.

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