13 Cozy Iron Window Pane Mirror {Kick Faded}

Iron Window often protect the windows of apartments and offices, located on the lower levels of buildings. This solution significantly improves the security. Many people find burglar bars unattractive as they create a feeling of being in a prison cell or do not believe that security bars provide good safety.

Iron Window Creation

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We will show you some fantastic suggestions for artistically wrought iron burglar bars which combine safety and visual appeal for example David Wright above.

Flower Iron Window


When it comes to protecting your property and family taking the right decision can be tough. Safety is always a prime concern but you have seen hundreds of iron window  that look ugly, rough and unpleasant. But different result if you use this iron window.

Beautiful and Secure

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Fortunately, the number of people who realize that the façade of a building, office or apartment plays a significant role for the image of the home occupants or the company management, is growing and there are many ideas featuring window burglar bars that look artistic and are used as exterior decoration in a wise way.

Cozy Iron Window

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If you pass by an office of a company with such ugly bars on the windows, what would be the first impression that you get? Sure, you can install this iron window remodel to execute your security system.

Various Iron WIndow


neatest collection of antique wrought iron window guards. When you want to create the right impression for your home or for your company, you need to choose the burglar bars very carefully.

Leaded Bay Window


Window security bars do not have to be unattractive. Nowadays you can find visually appealing wrought leaded bay windows in different style. And now, you are the decision maker.

Leaf Iron


This custom designs and you will ensure the safety and security in a creative way which will complement the exterior design, the architecture of the building and add individuality and personality to the overall appearance.

Futuristic Iron and Window Door

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An excellent solution to provide the visual appeal, safety, and security. The security bars will add style and respectability to the facade and when you opt for custom made iron window you can add a unique feature to the building.

Iron Window and Door Revolution


Front Entry with Single Sidelight Constructed with antique carved doors and reclaimed. There are many reasons why people choose wrought iron security bars for the windows. The interesting and original designs can transform a dull facade into an elegant and eye catching face of any building.

Iron Gandow (Gate Window) Creation


Wrought iron burglar bars are extremely durable and will serve you for many years without losing their attractive appearance. You get real safety not just a feeling of safety. So must go on!

Yellow Combination


There is one function of window security bars that people seldom think about – preventing accidental falling. That’s good for your lovely family.

Iron Circle


Break up a boring privacy fence by adding an ornate iron window grate. The grate allows you to see through the garden to the other side and keeps the fence from looking like a stockade.  The view outside your fence isn’t so pretty, hang a mirror on your fence. It’ll give the appearance of a window and you’ll see the reflection of your attractive yard.

Classic Iron


When you have small children you may consider installing iron window  on the upper floor of your house to prevent such accidents.


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